WBMC needs YOU!

People ask us why it's taking so long for the site to be up and running. President Ben Collingwood talks about what it takes to get a project like this off the ground.

Surveyors on site.

On the surface, developing a new facility seems so simple, find a suitable paddock, lease it then knock down the trees, find a funding source and build things.. If only!

Developing our facility has taken an incredible amount of time, energy and effort from many many individuals and as a team.

Following the completion of site surveying last week however, we are now just one short step away (water management engineering) from having everything our Town planner requires to finish our development application.

This has been a very long journey and without the tireless volunteer committee, it would take a lot longer.

Want things to happen faster? Become a financial member. Every dollar raised through memberships goes directly to paying the bills and there are plenty of those when you have surveyors, environmental consultants, designers, town planners, government application fees etc etc to pay.