Development Application Approved!

Fraser Coast Regional Council unanimously approves our Stage 1 Development Application.

At it's general meeting today, the Fraser Coast Regional Council unanimously approved the Development Application for Stage 1 of our proposed motor sports complex, and given preliminary approval for the broader vision.

"This has been a long and winding road", said WBMC President Ben Collingwood after the meeting, "and my goodness it has taken an army of people to get us to where we are today".

The decision comes after over 10 years of lobbying with local, state and federal politicians, obtaining all manner of approvals, dealing with bureaucrats at every government level, and conducting grass-roots fundraising. Along the way, the WBMC has been supported by local businesses and individuals who have joined up as paid members.

"These things don't just happen", said Ben, "and I can't say thank you enough to all my team, our supporters, local businesses, the council staff and elected representatives at all levels who have been right there with us. A special mention also to the local businesses who provided services for us, and supported us through the hard times to help make this vision a reality".

"The work just escalates from here but today's vote gives my organisation, my team, our members and the community a lot more confidence in the project . Let's make big things happen!"

More to come ...