Candidates Show Keen Interest in WBMC

Candidates for council are calling to find out more about the WMBC, with several current and prospective councillors contacting the committee for mroe information over the past month.

WBMC President Ben Collingwood shows candidates Jannean Dean and Jeanette Maynes a map of the proposed site.

It feels like change is in the air. With enthusiasm running high in the community about the forthcoming Council elections, many of the candidates are calling us asking to meet and to take a tour through the proposed site of the complex.

Jannean Dean and Jeanette Maynes (pictured) attended the WBMC committee meeting held on 18th January and asked questions of the committee regarding  funding, proposed operations, planning and various other operational matters.

Recently we've played host to a number of current councillors and election candidates including Paul Truscott, Michael Weekes, Cr Chris Loft, Jamie Hoolihan and others.

It's great to see the project being taken seriously by local government. The committee needs to work in partnership with all levels of government if the project is to be a success.